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Compressport Multisport UnderWear

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The UNDERWEAR MULTISPORT RUNNING SHORTS are longer than regular shorts and cover and compress the thighs thereby enhancing:

During effort:
- hip/buttock posture alignment, ensuring a balanced position
- knee support
- shock absorption
- reduction of muscle vibration
- Mitigates the weakening of muscle fibres (which often impacts performance during exercise)

After effort, during recovery:
- blood flow activation
- help in lactic acid evacuation
- re-oxygenation of blood
- reduction of inflammation and aches, so less pain and quicker recovery

The technology used by COMPRESSPORT® enables the achievement of one the most compressive shorts (up to 15mmHg for Underwear Multisport) as well as being one of the lightest (99g for size T1) on the market.

The fibre and shape of UnderWear MultiSport Running Shorts is designed to fit every curve of your body perfectly, maximising performance and comfort.

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