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FitBar Classic (Low Density) Foam Roller - Mini (46cm x 10cm)

  • $3500

The Classic!  This is the FitBar that started it all!

The FitBar is the only self-myofascial release system that incorporates foam rollers of different densities.  Use of the FitBar for deep tissue massage helps to alleviate post-activity aches and pains, improves mobility and keeps your body in top shape.  

Choose from low, medium or high density rollers to get the most out of your massage.

The Classic is our low density foam roller that is ideal for athletes that are new to rolling.  It is also perfect for use on the back and sensitive areas close to the bone.

The Mini size(46cm x 10cm) is a popular choice with physiotherapists and athletes with limited mobility, specifically around the neck, shoulders and back.

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